… the smash of creation break through …
… WAVE …
… be the sound of change ...


INNER-MINDS-EYES is a duo-company which British Caribbean dancer/choreographer Denzil and Japanese choreographer/ dance artist Aoba have established since 2009.

Their artistic directions and choreography aim to challenge what performance is; fusing their strong embodiment of their own cultural backgrounds, collective fusion of dance styles (Street and Breaking, contemporary, circus techniques, traditional African & Caribbean & Asian dances, Contact Improvisation), and physical theatre into the new form of dance art, and to challenge human objectives and perceptions.

Their works sometimes include multiple creations of media forms such as film recording and editing, installations, digital performance, film choreography, theatre creation onto film and live-cinema.

Their dance works are performed by SEZDRENAH, the INNER-MINDS-EYES’s performance body, which is a black male oriented dance troupe. The nature of the troupe formed by Black male dancers is unique and rare in UK, tackling and challenging the racial conventions that resonate in the field of performing arts.

Their works has been performed around world such as London, Tokyo, Sweden, France, Germany, Poland, Dubai, and USA. Their works have won prizes/been awarded in Europe and Asia.


  • - Highlights the high strengths and quality within the choreographic movements we create, and allow for other challenges using our unique and significant style
  • - Opens for a larger type of audience access
  • - New approaches using digital media, technology with choreography to develop a new form of digital dance performance where 2D and 3D co-exists
  • - Tackle and challenge to compete on an intercultural perception and expectation, and raise standards of stag