… the smash of creation break through …
… WAVE …
… be the sound of change ...


Denzil , D Shimmy

Artistic Director, Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Lecturer

Denzil trained at City & Islington College and gained BA Joint Honors in Performing Arts in DeMontfort University, Bedford. His recent achievement is setting up Rawskills, a pilot project funded by NewDirections, which aims to get more young men into dance performances. Also he is associate choreographer and board member in connectingvibes. His recent contributions to numbers of dance workshops in German M.O.D raised the standards and awareness of performance and educations. He also lectures various dance styles and directs performance from children to professional level, abled to disabled in schools, and communities.

Denzil is an innovative and much sought-after dance artist and choreographer, challenging the boundaries of artistic expression to produce ground-breaking and unique performance pieces through his establishment of his own unique dance style D-PHENESIS. His successions of creative projects runs nearly 10 years and has made major contribution to his own development in his company, SEZDRENAH (2007-, later being directed by INNER-MINDS-EYES), emerging company which achieved the great appearance on Resolution 2009, growing rapidly to this day. His works have been awarded and prized in Europe and Asia.

Aoba, Safaia

Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dance Lecturer, Digital Performance Creator, Researcher

Aoba trained wide range of dance styles from classics to street since aged 3. In her high-school time, her first choreographic work ‘firebird’ won the first prize in State Dance Competition, Japan. After she moved to UK, Aoba completed her BA Dance Studies at Roehampton University and MA Choreography at Middlesex University, and completed her PhD research: ‘Intercultural Virtual Dancing Subject: A choreographic investigation of spatio structures in Japanese-Western cultural practice’. She also lectures various dance styles and improvisation from children to professional level in schools, universities and communities.

Aoba is versatile UK-based Japanese choreographer, and dance artist. She has been specializing contact works and choreography by fusing lived body and creative movements into digital forms with intercultural sense. Her creativity in collaborations with various artists around the world made great contributions to the works with many prizes in USA, Asia, and Europe.